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Opening multiple Items in multiple browser tabs is no longer supported?

Hello there. In Sales CRM builds, one of the ideas in moving quickly and efficiently in a sales routine is to be able to have multiple Leads open and "Tab out" 5-10 Items at a time. With the new architecture, it appears as though this functionality has been removed. However, I also notice that you have replaced that functionality with the ability to "Tab" left and right through Items by using the Left / Right arrows on the sides of the Item or the Left / Right keys on the keyboard.

At the risk of sounding like a greedy customer - is it possible to have both? In other words - can we keep the above functionality and be able to "Right-click" on an Item in a Table or Badge View and "Open in New Tab" each item? This would all for multiple Items to be open in multiple browser tabs. I imagine it's not possible the way the JS is coded correct?

Justin Perron

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