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Task Completion "Roll up" From Multiple Apps to "Client Deliverable"

Wondering if anyone has a solution for showing task status from apps in order to provide a roll-up status to a "Deliverable" app? Below you will see that we have projects workspace and client projects but only allow clients to see "client deliverable" app.

We have created separate workspace for each service area (web development, advertising, graphic design etc). These are intentionally separated.

Ideally we would like to "rollup" task status to the client deliverable app so that the client can see progress / updates but not communicate with teams directly.

Any ideas on how to handle this?

Here is the basic idea behind the structure:

Project Workspace
-- Client Projects
-- Client Deliverable (Client invited by email to see status / comment)

Web Dev Workspace (developers and project managers only)
-- Client Projects (relationship)
-- Website App
----- Website Tasks (assigned by PMs and completed by Dev)


Robert Stanley

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