How to delegate a task to two persons keeping it ONE task



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    Jacquelyn May

    Hi A and Shirley,

    A task can only have one assignee, so if you need multiple people collaborating on a task then you should use an app instead:

    Hope this can help - please reply here if you have any questions on how to set that up.

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Shirley

    We also need this for tasks where multiple people collaborate on a task, or either of two people can handle the task.

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  • Morten Laulund Uldbæk

    You should seriously consider changing this.

    The task function is great and having to use an app for tasks with more than one assignee going against what Podio is meant to do.
    That is making workflows smooth and simple.....
    You will often find situations where it is needed to involve a colleague in a simple task. If we have to finish the original task, and create a collaborative task in an app, workflow is no longer smooth.

    Love the new features that comes up once in a while, but please don't forget to keep things simple to ensure ease of use...

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  • Soledad Diaz

    Any news on this?? we need to able to delegate tasks to multiple people.

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  • Sean Miller

    Hi Soledad,

    Podio tasks were made to be a more personally managed system, but you can easily accomplish what you're describing using an app. Each item is seen as a "task", and you can use app referencing to tie those tasks to the projects and other items in Podio.

    Here is our support article regarding the task app:

    Sean / Podio


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