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eturn email address inject into message with zappier to be the reply to item address

I was thinking i could setup a zap so that when a new ticket is created under certain conditions it could email out and that the reply address for the ticket would be the custom email that is setup so that messages can be sent to the item via an email. I can see how i can lookup the email address for an individual item from within podio but i cant figure out if its some kind of formula based on the ticket number, it seems to have a random component and when i try and set the return address field in zappier i dont see any option there for the inbound ticket email address.

i hope that makes sense, am i just not seeing the name of the field or is it not possible?

my end goal is that when we create a support ticket, if we set status to be like 'inform client' then it will push an email to them to say that we have created a support ticket and we are looking into their issue and will update them shortly. without having to do that manually.....

Jeremy Dawes

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