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greater customization of the cards created in the podio


I'm developing more and more complex cards to better manage the work to be performed.

For this reason, arrival to have different fields, also very similar to each other.
I'd like to bring together these many fields in internal groups that are clearly identifiable with each other.

I try to explain better: if you look at the picture that I linked, you will see the final product that I've imagined.
The project is composed of a primary project and one (or more) secondary.
When should I handle the result of the costs I have to insert: primary cost of the project, the cost of the sub-projects. final cost of the project plus the sub-projects.

Normally I would have 3 rows of costs one below the other and a first glance I would not be sure what to look online. While the idea of ​​using colored boxes (which probably also have a rate indicated: in the meantime I could create a box that represents the data cost me all together, then I could always show the colors with the final line that I want to see right away.

There is no need to change the structure of the tabs and the way in which you enter data.
It would be enough to allow you to select a color of your choice for each line completed. and set up a group where only insert multiple rows.
The rghe take the color of the primary group; but if changed, the color may vary at will.

But you have to put more colors to choose ...

Other small caveat: in the "cost" the value of the coin is placed in front, while in the "calculation" is inserted after the value; we can not unify the situation with everyone behind or in front of everyone?

Thank you for your work

Barbara Lerici

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