Feature request - horizontal scroll bars



  • Ron van der Plas

    Hi Adrian, you can use the arrows left or right in the grey bar on top of the table.

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  • Adrian Jones

    @Ron - So there is :-) didn't spot that - thanks

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  • Colin Gray

    I see the answer below, but that doesn't help when you have a huge table (hundreds of entries) and you're right in the middle of it. You then have to scroll either to the very top or the very bottom to get the scroll bars.

    You also can't see the column headers when you're further down the table.

    What would be very hand is if the header row was 'sticky' so that you could always see the headers and the scroll bars, no matter where in the table you're viewing. Or, even better, have a sticky header bar, and allow cursor key shortcuts to scroll side to side.

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  • James Hayward

    We are having issues with scroll bars on our apps... any guidance would be appreciated.

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  • Liz Choe

    I understand that there are arrows to the left or the right, but I still think you should be able to use a scroll bar at the top of the list as well, especially if you're listing from newest first then older towards the bottom. Sometimes a scroll bar is so much easier than clicking if you have a lot of columns.

    I also agree with @Colin Gray that freezing the headers even if you scroll down. Sometimes, you don't remember what the headers were if you scrolled all the way down to find a specific post.

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  • Rich Albrecht

    This seems like a pretty trivial thing. Freezing the Header with the two arrows to scroll would work. I would think this is a UI no-brainer.

    Quit trying to add new things till you get things like this fixed.

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  • Mike Shaw

    I'd like to second this...
    I knew I couldn't be the only one hoping for them newfangled static scroll bars!
    ;) Great product though really, thank goodness it exists.

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  • Jenno Ringersma

    Also, with lots of columns, using the scroll bar is much easier than using the arrows. Please make the horizontal scroll bar visible wherever you are in your table.

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  • Azman Shah

    Still waiting for this feature :)

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