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Workflow: Move or copy an item in one app to another app

Workflow is in its nascency but I have really been waiting for the ability to move one item in an app to another item in another app whether in the same workspace or another. The reason for this is that I use a variety of apps to create custom forms depending on the data I need collected. So, rather than present 20 fields to every user regardless of what they want to submit (which would be the case if I had 1 app), I use five apps and create forms that show only the fields needed to collect the information I need to help. For these 5 apps, when a new item is created, I'd like to copy that item to another MASTER app and then assign a value of "migrated".

Vinny Sosa Completed

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Hi Vinny

This would be a job for somebody with API programming skills. It may also be possible by using a product called Zapier which if you don't know it, allows people with no programming skills to do some "under the hood" work.

Paul Adams 0 votes
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I realize that. I just feel it has enough merit to be part of the product. Workflows are still too basic at the moment.

Vinny Sosa 1 vote
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