Can I change the field of multiple entries in one shot?



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    Joseph Espinoza

    Hey Karan

    I'm afraid there's no bulk editing feature in Podio. You could either change them all individually on the site, or you can export them as a spreadsheet, update them in Excel, and import them back into the app. If you do this, make sure to test it on a clone of the app first!

    /Joseph – Podio

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  • Marcelo Siqueira

    Hello Hey , it still the same or you guys already improve multiple change simultaneously ?

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  • Mario Ta

    has this feature been updated so we can change multiple entries at once??

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  • Susan Warren

    Hi, I'm searching for the same option - has this been enabled?

    For example, I'm creating timesheets with automatic calculations; I need to filter for my users to only see the current month, so have a Category field set to Yes for Current Month. When the month changes, I need to change that field to No. I'd rather not have to do each one manually and really am not keen on exporting to Excel to make this change then import back in. It should be something where I can write a script to change the field from Yes to No (or zero value) surely? I've done it with PHP/MySQL in the past but am new to Podio.

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  • Gwendolyn Alston

    It would indeed be useful if this feature were added. Downloading a whole list of entries, updating on Excel and then uploading again is clunky and time consuming and leaves room for a lot of errors to occur. 

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  • Dana P

    Hi All,

    My apologies for this, as we currently do not offer this editing natively in Podio.

    However, there are some extensions which may be helpful. One is through this company, Momentum Tools -

    Hope this helps to get your closer to your needs with Podio.


    Dana - Podio


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