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How to link Podio data with MySQL on a server or in the cloud?

I am a newbie to Podio and trying to set up some workbooks that will track marketing campaigns, client accounts, campaign tracking and reports and have them link directly to MYSQL DB on a server or in the cloud. So the data will automatically gets updated in the DB whenever new entries are made. If anyone can point me to the right documents or the steps of how to do it would be most appreciated.

Nathaniel Lin

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Hello Nathaniel,
I know this is quite (very much) late, but we have a system that we use on all our Podio clients.
We're considering giving it for free to anyone willing to test it out. It creates a MySQL layer based on your entire organization and keeps it up to date in real-time.

(It's in french for now, be assured, our team is bilingual)

Contact us directly if you'd like us to install it for you, all you need is a webserver (which we can also provide or transfer).

Vincent Poirier 1 vote

Bonjour Nathaniel, I checked your link to the mysql sync and it's broken - we would be extremely interested in learning more about your solution as we need to connect our new platform with data from podio.

Here is my email:

Thanks a lot

Florian :)

Florian Feichtinger 0 votes

You can integrate Podio data with MySQL with the help of the cloud-based service - Skyvia. It`s a no-coding solution with the user-friendly UI, flexible scheduling and powerful mapping features.

David Gardel 0 votes