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Textarea widht more good editor

currently the textarea field using a easier editor.
also the editor field lengthens to any text entered; if you insert 50 rows already commands the editor disappear at the top and you have to scroll the whole page to change the size of the bottom row.

I would be pleased if it were present, including the types of field, a type of text editor and more comod with some command more.
And I'd rather have a limited height variable so that it flows into the content editor and not the whole page Podium.
Also, maybe it's better that it becomes a type of text field (normal text, texarea, texarea advanced). so that all new text fields can be changed with the new version and not necessarily replaced one by one.

Thank you.

Barbara Lerici Completed

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Well, this one really gives us a hard time as well. The text area is easy to handle whit texts that do not have more than let's say 20 lines. But we are using really big discriptions. We need to layout them. The more you write, the lower you get on the page, the harder it is to format the text. Everytime you insert a link you have to select Text, move up, press link, move down...
Using Google Docs is not an option, because it is better (simpler) to stay in one place (podio).

So this would be my votes for a better text editor with tho followingfeatures:
- Toolbar stays on top of screen
- Colors to seperate things visualy
- Markers
- Integration of images into texts
- Autolinks (whe you pase a lin, make it clickable automatically)

...and have I mentioned that we'd desperately need a windows phone app?


Daniel Bauer 0 votes
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Thanks for the input guys!

We'll like to add a better text editor in the future - just can't promise an exact timeframe.

If you have any tips for good ones don't hesitate to share. We currently use TinyMCE.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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