• Brianna Goodman

    Is there a way to add a check box field to an item? If not, I'd like to request it please. Thank you.

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    What about using a category field as checkbox?

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Stephan Viftrup

    yes. would be very help ful for a bunch of very small tasks (feedback) from clients etc.


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  • Konstantinos Lamaris

    It is very important! I am quite disappointed that it hasn't been already implemented!

    Imagine you are about to use an App as a minutes of meeting. I would like to have a checkbox for stuff that I have to communicate to my colleagues in the text editor. The Task is something completely different and categories cannot be applied because this is a static feature of an App.

    So, for every point in the meeting I would like to have a checkbox and tick it if it was discussed in the end. 

    Please, consider it as a major feature for Podio. It is really important!

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  • John Demar

    I would also like to request the addition of checkboxes as an available data type on templates.  While using a category field is a possible workaround, checkboxes are a much clearer visual representation of a yes/no status.

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