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Get tasks params


I have spotted few errors at "Get tasks" API documentation.

First param "App" does not have any description.

For date range (created_on,completed_on etc) there should be any example of Absolute range, I haven't find it on filtering area as well. Format should be YYYY-MM-DD-YYYY-MM-DD if I am not wrong. Just short example would be nice.

For "space" and "org", in description it says enter "ids" ( plural ), but you can enter only one id. Is this error in documentation or implementation ? Enabling more then just 1 id of space or org would be very useful. P.S. I believe same goes for "app".

Same as "error" (or typo) above, for "responsible" it also says enter "ids", but you can enter only one.

That's it :)

Luka Bracanović

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