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    Hi Anne-Louise

    This is unfortunately not possible in Podio - we're not a tool for email marketing. I recommend that you check a specific email marketing tool like MailChimp, Campain Monitor or Marketo instead :) You can then integrate your email marketing tool with your Podio app if you like.

    Here is one integration between Podio and MailChimp:

    I just also moved your question to the "Feature request" Forum as this could be qualified as an "Idea for Podio".

    Sara - Podio

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  • Aleksandra O

    Great Idea.

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  • Luke Petrozza

    Hi Sara! Any updates on this request? 

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  • Jacquelyn May

    Hi Luke! Currently MailChimp is still the best option for this. We don't currently have any plans to add this functionality directly within Podio.

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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