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  • Great input Anderson! Thanks for sharing.

    Perhaps you can use the standard template to create the task structure you like?

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Anderson Grüdtner Martins

    Hi Sara, thanks. That works great, but if you don't have many workspaces. But the main problem with that is when you are working with a lot of workspaces. It is being hard to track the tasks in a global way.
    Another suggestion, would be to allow some kind of report grabbing data from multiple workspaces, or something like that.

    It is not the time I see someone not so confident about Podio and "task/item" tracking.
    On the the previous company I worked for, JoomlaBamboo, I introduced Podio for them. My CEO were very happy and satisfied, until we grown up in numbers of projects and workspaces. The main complaint was about the poor ability to track all my own "linked" items (or for another employer) between many apps and workspaces. The result: they are not using Podio anymore, and I wouldn't like to see it happening again for OSTraining.

    I know you have a wonderful API, and we could build an external service for that, but it would take precious time. Would be great, to have something to get a better overview if our items.


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  • I see your point, you are looking for something similar to this global task list but for items:

    If you need help building the overview I recommend a Podio partner who can help you set it up via the API:

    It is very good feedback :)

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  • Anderson Grüdtner Martins

    Thanks Sara,

    I will check that out.

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