Date Calculations - @Calendar1 + X days = @Calendar2



  • Bob Depuy

    Assuming My_Date is defined in another field as '6/09/2014'

    Hope this helps...
    d = new Date( @My_Date ); d.setDate(d.getDate() + 14);moment(d).format ('l')
    However the calculation will not take into account your time zone. More accurately it will not take into account your location time zone offset from the Podio server location time zone.
    My location offset in Denver is 6 hours.
    For Example:
    d = new Date( My_Date ); d.setDate(d.getDate() + 14);moment(d).format ('l');moment(d).subtract('hours', 6).format('l')

    returns June 23 2014 1:30 PM adjusted for my offset from the Podio server.
    Caution: time zones are tricky in calculations


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  • Joey Odell

    This is almost exactly what I was looking for. However, this creates a date based off of the start date, not the end date. Is there a way to call for the end date instead of the start?

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  • Bob Depuy

    End Date!!! There are about 5 of us looking for end date. The current answer is: "it is not available". This is from a month ago: So I sent an email straight to the big wigs. No satisfactory response so far... Not the fastest car on the track but any work around would make me happy.

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  • Dan Stroehlein

    How can I add 3 hours to a date rather than 3 days?

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