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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey David, Johan and Paul,

    Great news :) With the big release this week, you can now perform far more advanced calculation to the brand new Calculation field.

    We have an article to explain how this works here:

    /Sara - Podio

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  • Paul Adams

    This is something i'm really waiting for, but no, its not possible at the moment.

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  • Johan Vosloo

    We use a number field called "Number of work days".
    That allows us to calculate number of leave days taken in reports.

    I know it sounds great to have a calculation that automatically works out the number days between a start and end date... but what about weekends? Public/bank holidays? I.e. if I put in a leave start date that's a Thursday and leave end date that's the following Tuesday... surely I'm only taking 3 or 4 workdays (depending on whether the end date is inclusive/exlcusive) - you wouldn't want the app to add in the 2 weekend days as well.

    So we use both a date and number field:
    - "Dates" date field in order to visually see who is away on the calendar view
    - "Number of work days" number field for the leave taken calculation

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  • Paul Adams

    Thanks Sara,

    Great stuff from the Podio team, this is a fabulous development. It really widens what I can do and offer to clients

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