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A solution to the issue of granular permissions.

So we're currently looking at implementing podio with our organization. Overall, it seems like a great solution. One of the things we're having trouble coming to terms with is permissions. We have many departments and sensitive information that cannot be shared across departments, but some of that information needs to be shared. I've seen some other threads looking for more granular permissions, and I find myself agreeing.

The current solution of the "share" option is problematic. If we have 25 items that need to be shared with someone, and that person leaves the organization, we need to share them again individually with the replacement.

And the solution here is simple, custom user groups. Users are assigned a group by the podio admin - ie. Managers, Regulars, HR, Executives, etc. From here, inside a workspace, and app, or an item, we just have a simple option "who can see this", where anyone with the proper group credential would be able to see the element. You have the issue of inherited permission, where being able to see the workspace implies you can see apps and items, but this already exists with the current "share" functionality.

Sean Brophy

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Permission is a weak point of Podio. The share or creating new workspaces options is really only a workaround and makes for a short-term solution. I would very much like to see permission across organisation in each workspace, role based.

Philippe Coley 0 votes

I would like to have this functionality also. We work with volunteers and changing out users happens every 2 years.

Debbie Schmidt/dshSolutions 0 votes

I totally agree! 
Additionally, i envision that to be applied down to field-level.

Marten Rauschenberg 0 votes