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Migrate (or move) an app from workspace to another

When using "clone app" with the copy content option selected it will copy only some of the content.

In reorganizing workspaces, or for backup purposes, etc. it would be helpful to be able to "move" or migrate an app from workspace to another.

The app move would include attachments, comments, ratings and other things lost with a copy. And also hopefully keeps dates the same.

Art Harkin

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Tried to clone and restore linked tables, but does not work as expected. Hopefully they finally create this future. I see customers asking for this option for years now!

Kees Nobel 1 vote

I actually have the same problem.

When i clone an app or use the import/export function withexcel in podio, the related tasks and comments are not transfered to the target area. To migrate a workspaces / app over organization you can use a third-party partner from podio, where you can copy  and transfer all comments and tasks related to an item. You need to pay an extra fee, based on the items you want to copy.

This solution is good for a copy at once, but for backup on a regular basis, it is to much expensive, because it will cost 25$ for each workspace + 0.02 $ for each podio item. Do you have 1000 client or product items,  it costs 45$ for one copy. 



Mario Max 1 vote