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    Hey team,

    We're planning a public customer webinar with more details on planned product updates on July 19th, sign up here: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4403032735378-Register-for-our-upcoming-Product-Update-Webinar-July-2021 

    I am also happy to share we have been working to make some details available in a Citrix public roadmap, although it is very high-level and relates to our unified Citrix Workspace packaging:


    You will notice 2 items specific to Podio here - inclusion of a Citrix system of record (Podio) in Citrix Workspace product and HIPAA compliance/ability to sign BAA for Podio.



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  • Celso Bessa


    Wordpress Trac Roadmap: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/roadmap
    Wordpress Trac Mileston 4.0 : https://core.trac.wordpress.org/milestone/4.0

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  • Fritz Feger

    This is a good idea. My company, for example, uses the API to connect to Harvest for time tracking - some past releases required updating our code, and the Creator Release seems to post bigger problems on making our connection work again (I'm not the programmer, so don't ask me for details :-). This means that our workflow is significantly disrupted by this release. We should have been prepared. "Opensourcing" roadmap and getting devs on board before release would be great for that purpose.

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  • Florian Feichtinger

    I can say the same - I would be more confident in investing into Podio if I would be more certain about the future development. Basically we are so strongly waiting for better sharing features of single apps/views that we are basically to afraid to use it anymore and switching to other solutions... I love Podio - really do. but it's so uncertain with the helpcenter and all those feature request and hard to grasp what gained importance in Podio's agenda. It would be a really great benefit!

    Kudos to all the great work of the podio team!

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi all,

    As Citrix is a public company we are currently not able to share an open roadmap. However I do plan a post via blog.podio.com in the future to share a bit more info on our overall direction and focus areas in terms of product development.

    //Sara - Product Manager

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  • Chris Duffel

    Agreed with the general sentiments here. Great product, unsure about future development details or event broader ambitions. If a roadmap is not pursued, a general and broadly publicized blogpost hinting at the mid-near term ambitions, even if only as a teaser, would be helpful. 

    You owe it to no one to do this of course, but you risk losing potentially new, or longtime renewal clients by neglecting this stated need.

    Thanks for the great work so far! 


    (Speaking plainly, I'm looking hard at Notion.so as a platform switch, and I would like to be able to see if something not currently possible / available in Podio is at least being considered in a future update.)

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