Need ability to create task inside an item and assign tasks to specific items




  • Daniel Srb
    1. Learn to press T to create task whenever you are.
    2. Creating task on an item has been moved all the way down where tasks are now.

    Tasks Add task...

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  • Francois Cote

    The fact that you moved the tasks to the bottom of an item and at the same time moved the activity to the right may be interesting for some people and/or in specific apps only. If I look at an app like Features that we use in our Development workspace, we use the tasks to note everything that needs to be done to complete this feature. So having to scroll down to see the tasks at the bottom is definitively not a good way to work in that case. I would like to request an option per app - community oriented or task oriented maybe???

    Thanks for considering this demand or at least giving the option to put back the tasks to the right. Tasks are SO important. Getting Things Done concept - don't move away from it!

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  • Daniel Srb

    I'm not sure, you know I'm not from Podio, just another customer like you.

    I suggested this would be editable in the discussion at and got interesting reaction from Podio guys:

    Daniel Srb
    Why not to allow to move tasks block within "template modifier"?

    It's the same thing as any item and there are use cases, where tasks are more important than many other fields.

    Michael Dean
    That's an interesting idea and something that we could look into in the future – personally I really like the idea of tasks being further incorporated into items.

    We have been looking into that, and we would want to do the same with files, tags and other parts. However due to time constraints we couldn't fit it into this update, as it was already a very big update.

    So may be in the future we will have the option to move the tasks to the top, if they are more important than anything else.

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