No longer able to preview referenced items data (e.g., contacts) like before



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    Hey David

    Appreciate your feedback! :) We'll work to address the problem in the future - we do agree that we need to make this better. Unfortunately I cannot promise exactly when we have a solution ready but it is something we know we need to fix.

    Sara - Podio

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  • Ron van der Plas

    Hi David,
    I do agree that the overall changes are very good but it is sad not to have the preview function anymore. It was something that was very helpful and now it is a step backwards. I too ask Podio to bring a solution because lots of users I know used this functionality and it made/gave Podio an extra wauw factor.

    As a workaround you could use (on Windows) the right button with 'Open in new tab' or 'Ctrl+Left mouse click' and then view the info. To close the new tab use 'Ctrl+W'. This works but is not ideal.

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  • Nelson Oliveira

    Hi Sara,
    It's really a pitty if we do not have the preview of all related items like before.
    I work with hundreds of projects at the same time and it's not very simple to use podio like it is right now.
    Hope we can have a solution in the near future.
    Nelson Oliveira

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  • Doug Van Soest

    Sara, Please Please PLEASE bring back the ability to preview a referenced item without leaving the current item! This was one of my favorite features and it has been gone for over a year now. I assumed that feature would have returned by now but nothing.

    Can you please let me know if there are plans in the works to bring this option back?

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