Tags for Tasks



  • Marc Decroos

    I would agree on this one but on the other hand ...if you make sure all your tasks have an workspace/app/item reference this should be your missing "tag" , no ?

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  • Ann Donnelly

    When adding a task i assumed that the area for label was for tags? Why are there two different fields with similar functions?

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  • Daniel Rosner

    We also need this.
    Currently the tags for tasks are only private ones, can not be seen by the other members. But i need to tag tasks for example to prorizie tasks for my members...

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  • Anders Bally

    Yes, we would need to prioritize tasks as well. We can move the order of the tasks up and down - but it seems like this is only locally. A global effect of that would be the nicest way.
    Labelling would also work - but it looks like that is not supported globally either.

    @Podio: How do you prioritize all you tasks internally at podio? I am sure all your employees need to do this as well.

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  • Roberta Eastman

    Has there ever been a solution to the posters question RE:  adding tags to tasks in the effort of helping prioritize and globalizing for our teams and ourselves?


    Thank you 



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