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Edit multiple items at once

Maybe there's already a way to do this and I'm just not seeing it, but I would love to be able to filter items in a table view, then check off all the results and edit any attribute I want, and apply that change to all checked items. I'm thinking this could work similarly to the way you can edit the attributes of multiple posts in Wordpress.

Perhaps this is a separate idea, but it seems to come up for me in all the same situations: it would be nice to be able to easily toggle on/off any attributes with no values in the preview pane view, so that you can easily inline edit those attributes of an item without having to go to its own edit screen, edit it, save it, then go back to the table view.

Both of these similar features really come in handy when you're basically curating saved filters, and adding and modifying data to clean it up and give yourself the most effective understanding of the data possible.


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I agree. Trying to edit a portfolio database and would love to do this even with categories.

Alrich Lynch 0 votes

This was my questions too but no reply. What fields can I mass edit? How do I mass edit relationships?

Yaz Yazicioglu 0 votes

Hey guys,

This is a great suggestion and also something we hope to add in the future. Currently you can use card layout to quickly drag and drop items to a new status, contact etc. Alternatively you can use excel export/import to update multiple items at once.

Thanks for your input! We have it listed :)

Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 2 votes

*** First of all a call to forum moderators, I think u should regroup similar requests into one, otherwise doesn't seem fair for a votation process. If we vote for a requests in 2 different places the result is not the same than regrouping all the votes in one same place. ***

This request already exists here with (at the moment) 45 votes:

I copy and paste the answer I posted in the other existing request:

"Is great to hear that Podio team has made some upgrades related to this request, but I think it's not enaugh.

We should be able to update multiple items from, at least, the table view by (same metodology WordPress uses to bulk edit items):

  1. Selecting them by it's checkbox
  2. Clicking on an "Edit Selected" button
  3. Then one of each template item fields would show up empty at the top of the page
  4. Now, any field we'd fill up would replace the contents of that same field in any of the selected items
  5. Click "Save" button and that's it!!

Another WordPress based implementation would be the ability to edit itmes individualy from, at least, the table view.

Since all App items use the same template, these 2 ideas would be doable and extremely timesaving."

Enrique Errando 3 votes

Hi Sara - this would also be great for me. The drag and drop feature does not seem to work in the bugs app: i just want to mark all my current (old, outdated) into a category or 'archived', so I can start from scratch without having to reinstall the app. Can that be done easily ? (or perhaps on the backend by you guys ?)

Simon Sundboell 0 votes

@Enrique good point! We are already considering threads with the same topic when we evaluate ideas internally and add the votes :)

@Simon, why doesn't it work? What is your setup? You can always write us a ticket via and we are happy to look at your setup.

//Dominik - Podio

Dominik Hamacher 0 votes

I can't see any replies from Podio team.

There seems to be a flaw in the process... Three years old requests...

Andre Silveira 0 votes