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Please look into integrating with Slack!

Many of us use several cloud based solutions like Podio, ZenDesk, Jira, DropBox, etc and if you haven’t heard of Slack, well its something that brings them all together through a chat-ish interface. Could you please look into integrating with this service?


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What I would really like is a simple podio bot in slack where I can post tasks like:

/podio add task whatever

that's all. But official :)

Gianluca Paronitti 2 votes

We would love to be able to create tasks from Slack much like Workast currently does.

Ken DV 0 votes

To chime in on this -- a slack integration would be immensely useful.  I think the bitbucket (version control system we also use)  integration with slack would be a great model for this.  You can connect a repository (workspace) with a slack channel.  Activity in the repository is pushed to the channel.  There's a link in the slack post that will take you to the pull request/build/commit (app/task).  Replying to any post will add a comment to the original item.  There are buttons for quick actions such as retry build/approve pull request (change status field/complete task).

More on bitbucket's slack integration here:

Podio is amazing for being able to quickly build apps/workflows to drive the business, but Slack is just the best at collecting all the random noise from day to day work getting it to the right people at the right time to work on it.

John Learn 0 votes

This was first suggested in 2014 (over 5 years ago!). Any update from the Podio team on this would be appreciated and make us feel heard as a community. Thanks!

yassin shaar 0 votes

Looking at this thread, I see a lot of you asking for the Podio + Slack integration. Tools like lets you integrate these and create automated workflows like:

  • Send custom notifications in Slack for new task added in Podio
  • Notify via Slack for new comments added in Podio
  • Set a Reminder in Slack on a New Task Created in Podio

For your reference:

Archita Sharma 0 votes

+1 for sure. Any updates? Having integration within slack would be extremely helpful! 


Jeremy John Wells 0 votes