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Please look into integrating with Slack!

Many of us use several cloud based solutions like Podio, ZenDesk, Jira, DropBox, etc and if you haven’t heard of Slack, well its something that brings them all together through a chat-ish interface. Could you please look into integrating with this service?


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Great idea guys!

We have this one listed internally as well. Hope to do something in the future.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Yeah. Zapier could be useful. But I think real integration it's what comes to people's attention.
Have a team working on making Podio and Slack more efficient together. Podio is made to simplify work and I'm pretty sure a lot of companies that uses Podio have a fast-running activities like my team do. With this integration, things for us could be more simple, effective and fun to do. Not to mention that this integration would call a lot new customers for Podio.
Slack made it easy when it comes to integration, creating their own API. I really want to see this integration happening. Hope you guys can read this.

Hermano Reis 2 votes

Shabbi, i'm looking for your integration but I keep getting a 403 error when i click your link

Jake McCaig 1 vote

Hi All,

A couple of posts ago I had written about a tool ] we were working on called slacker

The initial version was buggy but we’ve had a chance to update it.

Its you setup it up and connect it to slack + podio now you can ->
- Select a podio app and workspace
- Create a custom message for updates that happen in the app
- Add multiple filters to Hooks to reduce noise and only hear about the bits that are important
- Add multiple actions to an App each with different rules allowing you to fully customise your notifications
- Much improved on the previous version as it is instant and much more flexible.
- Use fields from apps and pass their values to the slack message templates.

We are already using slacker heavily internally and having it give us updates, e,g, push meeting minutes and standup notes.
and even Trello type notifications for the kanban board. Since its generic and allows creation of filters it could be used in any flow...

Send us your thoughts, suggestions and questions to and we would be happy to help.

Hope you like it !

Shaabi 0 votes

Hey Shaabi, thanks for the suggestion, but I wouldn't trust my private company information flowing through some 3rd party solution. Who knows what data is being culled and for what purpose (no offense to you, but there's definitely a trust factor).

Still hoping Podio will be the one to integrate with Slack soon.

Scott D Brooks 0 votes

Thanks for the feedback Scott. We are a London, Shoreditch based startup so feel free to drop by to have a peek at the source :).

The app itself is extremely alpha so I wouldn't recommend for sensitive data, though we dont have any sort of data retention. The app pushes data hook to hook and forgets it.

If for testing you could try with a another workspace, it does do what it says :) (most of the time)!

Shaabi 0 votes

Erik, could you specify what kind of integration between Slack and Podio would be valuable for you? Thanks!

Wouter Walmink 0 votes

I've been a Slack user for about a year, a Podio user for about a month.

Here's what I'd focus the integration on:

  1. Stream: replicate in a Slack channel the experience of seeing the Podio stream for a workspace (or an app).
  2. Notifications: make Slack a way to get Podio notifications, the way on-site and email currently provide notifications to a user (this would be user-specific).
  3. Interaction: things like marking a task as complete or changing a status could be integrated to Slack as commands, so a user could reply to Notification or Activity item and have the to-do item updated, or at least the comment posted to Podio.

Happy to chat more if I can be helpful.

Nathanael Yellis 5 votes

+1 for Slack Integration (yeah, I have two accounts for now, will merge them soon)

Guido Sondern (cL) 1 vote