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  • Dominik Hamacher

    Hello Mara,

    What you could do is to use the task app : https://podio.com/market/apps/65457-tasks and then add a category field with three categories e.g. ow , medium and high that indicates how important the task is.

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  • Kate McCready

    I'd also really like to see something like this.

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  • Adam Daniel

    Whilst this thread is over a year old it was pertinent to me so I am sure other people will find it also.

    We have started adding task priorities to the Labels in the tasks - it is a rough workaround and can only work with a small team of people (too many people manually typing out priorities will lead to many spellings of the same priority which will be confusing).

    I'd prefer to see priority sitting in the in-built tasks than in a task-app as tasks are so easy and convenient to setup. I feel it s a fundamental failing of tasks not to have this.

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  • Bettina Publico

    this is just a workaround..Podio has done nothing on this. :( 

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