Identifying which app fired a webhook




  • Lars Pedersen


    You should look for $_POST['app_id']

    Podio seems to convert all part's of the querystring to a POST request.

    We had the same issue, and yes it would be nice if the web hooks always send the app_id as a part of the request, but there might be some good reason, for why they don't in some situations.

    One last recommendation — Maybe you should call the app_id something different in the querystring to make sure it does not conflict with the app_id Podio is sending for some web hooks. We use "app" to make it "safe". app will also be a POST parameter in the end.

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  • Jonathan Sala

    Thanks Lars! That worked a charm. I've also changed app_id to app as suggested.

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  • Gregory Beaver

    another solution I have used is to use PATH_INFO. Your web hook could be:

    This way, there is no chance it will conflict with the POST variables podio passes in.

    For the example above, PATH_INFO will be '/123456789'

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