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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Eva

    Your members need to reset their own passwords via their account settings or email. It is not possible for you to reset your colleagues password (unless you have access to their email or Podio account).

    Your members can reset their password via this link: or via "My account", "Account Settings".

    //Sara - Podio

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  • David Fraters

    Hello, We have problems with mailnotifications that aren't getting through, also the pasword reset mails are not comming in!! The only thing that helps is manually resetting those accounts by podio. I still have a ticket open for some accounts and  it's getting urgent.

    So instead of me waiting till your support team has time to assist us, it would be helpful if admins could do this themselves like it is the case in google suites... 

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  • Esti Brooks

    My team has the same issue as David Fraters.    No one in my company is able to reset passwords as the mail notification are never received (after the technical hiccups has occurred).  Has a solution been discussed?

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  • Brenton

    Hi Everyone,

    I've provided you with an update on your Podio support tickets in regards to the password recovery issues you're encountering. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    //Brenton - Podio

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  • Matias Vivone

    Same issue here, was it ever solved?

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