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    Jacquelyn May

    Hi Karey,

    You're right that there currently isn't a way to prevent tasks from showing on your external calendar, and you also cannot apply a filter to your calendar to not show completed items.

    I definitely see the use case for this though, so I've forwarded your suggestion to the rest of the team :)

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Morten Laulund Uldbæk

    Hi Karey

    Theres is a long thread on this subject "Option NOT to push tasks to calendar"
    It seems that this is an issue for several users and I am pleased to see that you will now forward the suggestion.

    We are unfortunately very close to stop using PODIO due to this issue. We have been trying work arounds like having a task app. This solution is not working!!

    A timeframe on this would be very good if possible...

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  • Ann Donnelly

    It would also be helpful if on the calendar (the one on Podio and the one on Google) if noted which date it is referring to. Our records have several dates that we want noted on the calendar: start date, records due, deadline, etc. Also it would be good if completed jobs don't show, or if it indicates that it's completed, either with a tick, crossed out or the word COMPLETED. Thanks.

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