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Team calendars with color coding

The new calendar view is a great improvement. With that said I do hope that the following options can be added soon to make it better.

1) The ability to color code items on the calendar based on categories (ie: if the deliverable is a print, web, video project... then the color assigned to that category would correspond to the item on the calendar)


2) Option to color code by team member instead of by deliverable. (ie: Jack, Jane, & Sue all have different colors on the calendar and each of the deliverable colors corresponds to the team member)

These two functions would make Podio comparable to basecamp's calendar and would be homerun hit!

Ryan Gosling Completed

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Agreed. The Basecamp calendar's interface is extremely easy to use as a result of it's colour coding and 'drag and drop' features. I would like to see Podio enable colour coding by team member and workspace. It would also be great to have the ability to add meetings, deadlines, etc. right from the calendar.

Brianne Miller 2 votes

Hmm ... this would need to be highly configurable. You may want to colour code based on different criteria, for example who's responsible, or some sort of categorisation, or the value of a field.

Sure it can be done though, and would be very useful.

David O'Brien 0 votes

+1 Is there any progress in this area? I also have commented on this color request in the help center which has been "hanging" for more than a year now, or close to it. Being able to color code items on the main calendar would be great!

Cliff Rodwell 0 votes

Another +1 for adding the ability to color code the apps within a workspace for display in the calendar view. I love the calendar and spend most of my time in the monthly view. It would be helpful to color code the items and quickly differentiate between deliverables, meetings, worker schedules, etc.

Alida Duff Sullivan 0 votes


You have a great product here, the best I've used so far! But for us as a web development agency we need the ability to quickly view the calendar to see what projects we have on and when we have capacity to start new work. With all web projects having the same colour it is not very easy to see at a glance. Colour coding by project would solve this in an instant!

Asana has colour coding, but you can not see the entire project length on the calendar just the daily tasks. PLEASE add colour coding!!

Darren Sieminski 0 votes

First of all, this is a must have because the calendar view can get really messy.

I think the best way to do it wold be letting us select the desired "Color Mode" to use in that calendar based on which item template field:

  1. The easiest way to go would be letting us select the desired Category field to use because they are already colored, so the system would only have to apply those colors.
  2. The hardest way to go would be letting us choose between any type of field (not everyother field would apply here (i.e. text fields), but would some others as Contact, Relationship, etc) because for those that are not color based we would have to indicate the colors to use.

I personally think that the first idea would be more than enough :)

Enrique Errando 0 votes

I'm still relying on Google Calendar as find Podio's built in calendar messy. Having said that, I do export my podio calender to Google Calender.

The are two users for my business, me in sales and my business partner working installations. I use date fields in my apps to book customers in for their appointments so at quick glance I can see where I am etc.

The problems arise when my business partner on the installation side starts using date fields to book in for surveys and install dates.

There is no division between us as it's all the same colour etc.

I still need to see where he is and likewise but it's needs to show up differently.

Maybe an Ical Feed from each date field in an app might work?

Lee Standell 0 votes

+1. The color coding is a very nice plus in the Category Field. I think it would contribute to a more usable, clear and flexible calendar too. Thanks.

Mónica 1 vote

This would be really amazing to have!!!


I'm new to Podio and having this colour option would be a great way forward!!!

Iain 0 votes