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App Reference FIltering

I would like to suggest that the "App Reference" field should have the ability to filter out archived or closed items.

This could be done via some direct filtering on items or selection of a view from the resource application.

Daniel Oates-Lee Completed

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Thanks Sara, but this is different from the forum you have mentioned .... also you finished the threat by stating its a feature request.

As this is a feature request that multiple Podio customer would like to see and it was requested over 6 months ago, can we have an update on the progress?

Daniel Oates-Lee 1 vote
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No current plans I'm afraid - in case anything changes I will make sure to update you here.

We do monitor this closely and collect all votes coming in :)

Thanks for sharing

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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I would bump this up, yes +1. Example :

  • app invoices
  • app payments received

they reference each other.

instead of adding a check box on invoices for payments made, doing something where "if !reference to payment, then payment made" to be able to filter invoices for instance on "paid or not paid" ?

of course, we can add a paid checkbox, but that's another human step to so many humans steps already... :) thanks !

Kaz Raad 2 votes
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