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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey George

    Nope :)

    To back-up your data we currently enable you to export all your app data into excel. In this way you can copy the exact data you need.

    All your data are programmatically accessible via the Podio API:
    If you can not use the API in house, we can advice on finding a developer to do it for you.

    All data are backed up nightly and copied to another off-site location.

    A Podio Partner created a solution for backup via the API already, you can learn more here:

    This is mostly a community for users, so in case you want to reach us directly you can click to "submit a request" in the top right corner of the Help Centre.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Michelle


    Am I correct in stating that for the above backup method to work, the user will require web hosting? What options do the users without hosting have?

    George, you may like to consider contributing to the following thread to revive it.

    I'm surprised that Podio, have not yet provided its subscribers with an effective, incremental and easy to use GUI backup system within the users account. 

    Despite the above thread's instigation over 4 years ago - and Phil Chambers "We may offer a full backup solution in future, based on demand." comments at the top of the first page - there still seems not to be enough "Demand" even with 6 pages of comments!

    When is demand considered to be high enough to invoke some action for the Podio team for this "Requirement" ?


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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Steve,

    Correct, you'll need to host data on your own.

    We already do back up data on our end, all data is backed up nightly in separate hosted location.

    There is no short-term plans to provide a full solution on our end.

    Thanks for your input on multiple postings.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Steve

    Thanks Sarah, 

    I feel that many users, especially new users, may not be familiar with API's and software development etc and also may not be in a position to hire someone to do this work for them.

    We've just had a major issue where our leads app was deleted by mistake, the "Restore" file which was sent to us (2 excel files), was not what we were expecting at all, and is causing us a huge amount of (I believe, unnecessary) work. Podio support advised they would restore the "app", but thats not what we received. I think the $100 price tag for those files was an exceptionally high price for a paying subscriber to have to pay.

    With the 6 pages of requests from posts in the link above (and many other scattered around these forums), I feel quite strongly that Podio themselves, need to be able to offer an easy to use, GUI for the user who's starting out, looking for a great CRM and wants a plug & play type system for his day to day running. You have an exceptional system, but the lack of a "Real" incremental, offsite backup system (to Dropbox or Google Drive etc), is cause for concern to us as a new company.

    I hope your team reconsider soon.

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