How to Access WORKSPACE Tasks



  • Paul Adams

    Hi Brian,

    If you haven't got a workspace tasks tile on the workspace landing page (next to workspace activity ) you can create one, just click "Add tile". That is the place to work with workspace specific tasks. You could keep this open in a separate browser tab if it reduces the amount of clicks


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  • Brian Dempsey

    Thanks Paul,

    Yes, I have a Tile on the Activities page. But that's not very helpful at all. It will only display a few at a time, doesn't give you any filter / sort functionality, etc. It really looks like an afterthought to fill space rather than a useful feature.

    What I want to access is the actual full page of Workspace tasks:

    I suppose I "can" keep a separate tab open all the time, but that seems like a poor work-around. Having to remember not to click into anything else from my Tasks tab is just awkward. Is there no way to create an icon or have a link from every page - or a keyboard shortcut - to access Workspace tasks? Seeing Workspace tasks with all the filtering / sorting features seems to be something incredibly useful, but now it's hidden under a single link on the Activities page.


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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Brian

    Since the general task functionality is build to handle quick and smaller to-dos it might be handy for you to build and use a task app instead to structure team tasks? This will give you better overview and more functionality.

    If not, the only way would be to access the workspace task list from a tile on the workspace home page (as suggested by Paul) or from clicking the wrench icon above the workspace activity stream, then choose "workspace tasks".

    You can also look into this global task list build by a Podio partner:

    //Sara - Podio

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