Activity Stream on Workspace



  • Sylvain Bolay


    Users (not admins) should be able to mute at least organizations or workspaces and perhaps more finely tuned the apps themselves.



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  • Allan Valverde

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for reaching out, the Activity Stream on the Workspace, unfortunately, cannot be moved.

    About the task section, have you tried using tiles?






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  • Amit Gupta

    There should be an option to clear/clean a workspace's  activity stream. If I want to start workspace afresh and want to get rid of older activities, I should have an option to do the same.

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  • Charles Waugh

    I agree! Esp with so many laptop users - only MOST USED areas should be on-screen during use.

    The AS is too much 'administrative overhead' (to use Edward Tufte's term.

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  • Alexander Kaan

    its been 8 years!!! can you guys listen to your audience some of the most basic requests have been ignored for so long why are you ignoring these requests with the most upvotes? the new skin UX does little to nothing differently. so many requested features are beeing ignored.  i was looking to see if certain requests ive been having for a year maybe have been picked up. the oldest comment to date on a few of these top voted features is over 8 years old. and they are super easy to make!!!!! this should just be available. it is super weird, why force unwanted functionality make it optional

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