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  • Aaron Raufman

    Theres the "like comment" feature, but that does not appear to do anymore than enable a heart graphic on that comment... What if you could see "your likes" on your homepage?

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  • Alexandra Owens

    I'm adding my desire for this functionality. It seems when I get a notification via email it is marked "read" in Podio. I can't find a way to turn this off, and it seems like it should be a preference. Starring notifications is OK but it has to be done in Podio directly, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that via email or in either the Android or iOs apps.

    "Liking" comments--and being able to find them again--would also be very helpful. Often people post items I need to refer back to later in a long chain of comments and I haven't found a good way to mark them so I can easily find them again.

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  • Property Memos

    Yes, this feature is completely necessary. The heart or "like" is already there. If I could see everything I liked down a list that would be super helpful. 

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