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Creating a default view for other workspace members

Is there a way to assign a default view for an app (not a layout) so that when other workspace members visit an app they automatically start with a specific view?

One problem that we are having is people are having a difficult time remembering to select a view when they enter a app, it would be great if just like you can choose a default layout for the app you can choose a default view as well so the contents of the app can be "pre-filtered" if you will.


Lauren Nitta

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Hey all,

To set a default view in an app for your team you can today do this by saving a new, or edit a current view.

What you do is to first make sure it's a 'Team view' and then place it's so that it's the first view, placing it just under 'All items' in the left sidebar.

You can drag and drop the saved view by clicking on the arrows that comes up when holding the cursor over the view. And to edit it you use the wrench. The view that is placed under 'All views' in the left sidebar is going to be the default one for your team.

The layout you've chosen in your app settings does only affect the first default 'All items' view in the app.

I hope this makes sense and will come in useful for all of you!

/Charlie - Podio

Charlie Lindstrom

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This would indeed be great. Color-coding, default view, other aids to visibility are highly desired!!

Alexandra Owens 0 votes

Yes please - We want to introduce members slowly, and by having them log in to see the app they need to start at is one less distracting thing for them.. less is more

James Hayward 0 votes

+1 This is a huge barrier to adoption for new users.

App creator's should be able to specify not only the default layout, but also should be able to design and specify the default view that other users will see, including all filters, options, sort-order etc.

This ensures that all users get immediate benefit, even if they are early in their learning curve and don't really understand how views can be flexibly changed.

Users should be able to individually customise their own view if they wish to, just as they can today

Richard Foxworthy 0 votes

Hi guys,

This is now possible via the actions drop down menu.

You go to an app and select or save a new public view. Under the action drop down, there is now an option to "Use as default". This means that members will get that view if they don't currently have any other view selected.
When they are using another view, they also have the option to return to the default view.

The aim of this feature is to make it possible for the admins of the app to set a default view for the other members.
Members are still free to change the view as they please, and Podio will remember the last view they used. When using another view as the default, an option to switch back to the default will be shown.

Give it a try, I hope you like it:-)

- Podio

Mette Frøkjær Hansen 0 votes

Great! I just tried this feature out, we'll see how it goes! Thanks!

Lauren Nitta 0 votes