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Barcode/QR Code Integration with Photo Capture Api

I think the photo capture ability of apps using built in cameras on the device is incredibly powerful. I would, however, love to see barcode/QR Code integration. The ability to assign one item a barcode/QR code as a reference or simply attaching data scanned from a barcode to another item. Would make for some interesting integrations in the inventory fields.

Jesse Martin

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Hi Jesse,
if you need a mobile Barcode Integration, please check out NSi mobile (
NSi mobile brings mobile capture Workflows to iOS/Android devices - including fields like Text, Number, Database lookup, Barcode, geolocation, signatures, pictures etc.
Its using the NSi AutoStore Platform - so you can use the Send2Email Integration to transfer all information to PODIO.


Mirco Reinhardt 1 vote

I am interested in this feature as well. It would be nice to have the option of scanning barcodes into the search window.

Tieka Mayen 0 votes

I just did this with Globiflow. Works perfectly. I produce a PDF with the QR code and my phone opens up the podio item in the Podio App. The QR code is stored in the item in Podio. It can be scan on a screen or on paper.
Check out Globiflow. It's awesome in so many ways (I have no affiliation, just a happy customer).

David Gélinas 1 vote

Along a similar line I’ve created an inventory app and would like to use my mobile phone’s barcode scanning capability to enter serial numbers. However, I’ve tried a few barcode reader keyboards (The best app I’ve found on my Android is “Barcodescanner Keyboard, Demo” from TEC-IT.) and am not able to get them to input the barcode into an app’s text field. Nothing happens. As a work around I could barcode scan into another notes app and cut and paste back into Podio app. But this is a painful extra step.

I think this is a killer function for the inventory app.

Anyways, I'm going to try these other suggested advanced workflows.

Eddie McMorrow 0 votes

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my provisional solution for the above usercase! 

So what I have done is give all my stock items labels with a QR code, based on their unique value (not the item URL!) which is auto generated in the item (Calculation: "![]("+@SupplierID+")" ). Then install a scan to web enabled keyboard on my phone (like this one: This allows me to choose the scanner as an input method on the keyboard. So then it works like

1. go to the app item field on my phone through the website where i want to add the items (it doesn't work through the app) (for example the items loaded on a bill of lading)

2. scan the QR code to get the text from the QR code (e.g. 15984663) in the field,

3. the app searches for the item in the relationship field, and attaches that item to the bill of lading. 

So I can scan as many QR coded items as I want and attach them to the item without doing a single keystroke! Still trying to workout 2 challenges: 1) making this work from the app environment rather then the website environment, 2) making this work with the item URL rather then the item ID so that I can also just scan the same QR code and get the details from the item (useful for inventory audits etc.).

Looking forward to hear if this works for you and how we can improve it further!

Suzanna 0 votes

This works and it is enormously helpful, however we're finding that in cases where we might be trying to fill an array (i.e. Ingredient 1, Qty 1, Ingredient 2, Qty 2, etc) that the scan feature will only populate the first field of the item-- it can't see any of the fields underneath. Does anyone have a suggestion? The only workaround is t.o limit yourself to one saved item per component, or struggle with manual entry to complete the other fields in the array.

Ryan Crystal 0 votes