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Manual item ordering

I have a need to manually order items.  I currently use the Card layout for this; however, this gets cumbersome with more than a handful of cards.  Additionally, I would like sequences to transgress across views and into views with Badge and Table layouts.

My particular use case is for planning, specifically software development planning.

I know two of the technical problems is how to handle ties and reposition events when Items have not been previously related.  A technical-solution example with PostgreSQL: using an ltree type for the "position" column, a tie-breaker value (the Item ID?) would be appended to the position field; or for a reposition event: the position field would be replaced by the position field of the Item immediately preceding the new location appended by a neutral value ("1" or the Item ID?).  Then, at some interval or maximum level for the position values, the positions would be recalculated down to single-level values.

Travis Warlick

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