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Build a reporting database [This will allow complex reporting and printing]

I would like to start by saying, may aspects of Podio have been done very well. Also, [as a developer myself], I understand that these systems take a lot of time and effort to build. So, thank you for taking on a very complex problem domain. Overall, Podio has done a good job.

My suggestion addresses an aspect of Podio that is currently lacking. This defecientcy is a major blocker of Podio becoming a powerful complete business solution. The aspect I speak of is the complex area of reporting.

A quick look over open feature request found 243 votes for this area of the application. These votes are spread over many feature request.

Why do I believe Podio should make an effort to resolve the problem of reporting?

Since this system is designed as a central place for everyone in a company to do "work." The system must provide a comprehensive way to report what "work" has been done. Executives, Managers, Stakeholder, and even employees love to see reports.

How many hours did it take to do that?

How much did we make on that deal?

How much better are we running as a company now that we all use Podio?

I could probably create 20 reports off the top of my head that people want to see. To get this information out of the system is for the most part impossible. Most calculations take multiple calculation blocks that confuse the people using the forms. The system needs the ability to handle complex reporting to generate graphs, trends, and so on. The system also needs the reports to be stylized and formatted. Then export these reports to PDF, so they can be emailed, printed, and generally obsessed about within a company.

I get that this system has a clear goal of being paperless and that everything would reside within the system so it is the one stop shop for everything to do with the business. So there are two options:

Build reporting into the system so that complex manipulation of the system is possible and sharable [exported in PDF] with customers outside of the system.

Option 2 is to create a reporting database that the end user can connect a system like Jasper reports to so the business can build any report they want from the data. I realize access is provided through the API. But the amount of work to make reporting functional will take a lot of time and effort. This time and effort is something most places don't have, because they are trying to run their business. That is why we all were looking for a system to handle this and found podio in the first place.

Option 2 sounds the fastest and is preferred. I srongly urge Podio to consider building a solution to help us out. Also, my fellow podio users please vote to help make this solution possible.

Karl D Kelley Jr Answered

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Agreed. We DEFINITELY need access to this type of functionality - to count and show anything we've already built based on stats.

Jennifer Keyes 0 votes

By far the biggest issue with Podio.  I have spent hours looking for alternatives without luck.  Podio flexibility and functionality with proper reporting capabilities would be killer. 

Matt Hubbard 0 votes

Very important issue! Critical I would say. Without a reporting feature the amount of data srtored in PODIO can become useless and organizations can move away from PODIO.

Paulo Neto 0 votes

Thanks for the input and constructive feedback, much appreciated. Just sharing an alternative solution in case some of you are not aware yet:

Podio is build on a open API, which means that if you like to create more advanced reporting you can do so via the Developers API: - you can access all you data from here.

If you don't have access to a developer in-house you can also contact a Podio Partner to get help to build customized reporting functionalities, find the Podio Partners here:

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

This is a huge need. And I really don´t know why they already didn´t, because reporting does not affect the actual structure of the system. It is just output data.

João Neto 0 votes

We have been using Podio for some time and this is by far our biggest gap in what is otherwise an excellent application. I understand that there is soon to be a 3rd Party Dashbaord application to be released however so far it has been difficult to get any visibiltiy. I wonder if Podio may let us know if there are any updates in relation to this in the pipeline and when they would be available?

David Bowman 0 votes

100% agreed!! Still, since 2013 so little effort was done by Podio. I have mobile app plataform that has a native solution, you can add word or excell templates with tags for each app and it generates pdf files (word or excel as well) from database data. Will can add also more templates, to generate more custom repports, as you desire. Wish podio had at least this simple solution to offer. But seems they insist in only suggesting us to go to developers or partners. TechGo extension ( charges per volume of printed data in a ridiculus way... Serious doubt it is a hard coding solution. As they are increasing prices in Podio, they should at least offer this as a native feature. So, Podio, why this resistance in adding so critical need for your costumers? A very smart cloud plataform with a so obvious limitation.

Renan Poli 1 vote

so frustrating that I can't generate a simple report at the end of the week that lets a client know what tasks were completed for the week.  


Option 2 mentioned above would be fantastic. 


Alex Patton 0 votes