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Better contacts functionality

I would like to request a new approach to "contacts" within Podio. Currently, unless you add people into an App, the way contacts are managed make it incredibly hard to gain access to the information quickly and easily. Equally, there is no way of creating a single "contact" which then gets managed through multiple Workspaces.

Most businesses are built on relationships, and the way Podio works when it comes to contacts puts these relationships at the bottom of the pile in terms of functionality.

Can we please have a reinvented approach to how contacts are managed inside Podio so that it becomes more intrinsic with the workspaces, apps and cross-over between them.

James Freeman-Gray Completed

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here-here..... completely frustrated...I want to build a customer contact list list so that a customer can be used in several workspaces. all the efficiency of being able to build apps and collaborate is lost in adding contacts over and over.

John Bird 0 votes

Just delete the contact functionality. Let people manage contacts with their own "contact" apps.

That's the essence of Podio, no?

Alexander Colson 0 votes