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App Builder Additions

After building a few apps (and overall it is very straightforward) I have a couple of suggestions that may help expedite it;

  1. Have the building blocks on the left hand side scroll down as you scroll down. Some apps have lots of fields and having to keep scrolling up and drag the respective block down is very time consuming - I think this I have seen on a suggestion before so maybe in progress.

  2. Ability to duplicate a building block. Sometimes there are a series of fields that are very similar, so the ability to just duplicate from a building block would be time saving.

  3. Categories. Sometimes you have category building blocks that have a plethora of options (i.e. we have one for "Industry" that has 30 options. This clogs up the record display which always shows all the categories. If there was a checkbox for only show in the non edit view selected categories, that would reduce a lot of clutter on viewing the record.

  4. Field structure. Sometimes you want a short text or number field to have a specific attribute. An example would be "State / Province" in the US we want people to use the two letter state code (so it makes locality searches easy) so making this a two character field would be of use to us. I know people in other countries would not have this specific need it is just an example. On numeric field it is easier to visualize that you may want a number in a specific format  ie currency, percentage.

  5. An option for a date field just to be a day, rather than it showing always as a date range and including time. This is more relevant for dates the you are not intending to link to a calendar. An example is a Contract Signed Date, just want the date and sometimes (even if you tell them 20 times) a staff member sees a date range it confuses them as they expect to fill the fields.

  6. (Last One). Dividers and sub Headers. On the apps that have a lot of fields sometimes you have areas of the record that have related information and it would be nice to add a divider line and sub heading. For example we have an App for Clients (we are a finance company) that has all the details for the client, clients contract, client reporting. So visually and for ease of reference it would be nice for the client view to have it separated with a divider line and sub header for Client Contact Info, Contract Info, Review Info.

Stewart Chesters

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We need #6 in our work. Is the Podio team working on adding dividers and subheaders?

Diliiph Chittajallu 0 votes

Hey guys

We're actually looking into to updating the app builder this year and hopefully the improvements will come handy :) Thanks for sharing your suggestions and feedback!

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

If you are doing improvements, why not proactively ask the users what they think?

Philippe Coley 0 votes

I guess Podio updates made after this post have taken care of #5; currently, you can choose whether you want to include time of day and the end date for date fields.

Timo Sillander 0 votes

Hi Philippe,

We have (still are) actually actively been collecting feedback and interviewing users before making updates. We have addressed the need for a drop-down functionality, create new items from relationship fields, better date field options and more advanced calculations as some of the things we knew our users wanted :)

More about the features here:

More about how we try to include user feedback in our product development here:

Unfortunately it is not possible to address all feedback and ideas at once, but we are listening carefully and trying our best to include user inputs when improving Podio.

And yes, in this specific post we have added number #5.

Number #6 is actually already possible if you use the category field, select "in-line" option and use this to create your sub-header :)

Sara -Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes