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search field within app - android

You are probably working on it already, but  a search field for Podio's android version would be fantastic. Hope it will be implemented soon. We are a group of 25+ IT technicians at University of Quebec (80% using android), and we started to use Podio in the field for our daily maintenance jobs. We work around the campus and a quick search field would be great to access on the fly our knowledge base, classroom installations, equipment guides, tasks, images, etc.

We are jealous of our colleagues with their killer IPhone app ;)


Marcio Lana-Lopez

Marcio Lana-Lopez

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Hey everyone! Just want to let you know that today we released the search function for the Android app. You can download the newest version of the app to check it out :)

/Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Just switched from iPhone to the Android and No Search feature? What a joke. Makes Podio not even worth the time now. Is there a time frame for this? I noticed that people were asking over 4 months ago and not one reply. I'm loosing hope.

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