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Ability to edit/delete chats

I'm sure the vast majority of Podio users work in a corporate setting. I believe the ability to edit or delete chats is very important. What if you hit enter by accident? Spell something wrong and don't want to be embarassed about it.

Eric Hubbel

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+10 for our team as we have 10 on our team. When we have staff leaving and new arriving, we just edit leaving staff's account and give it to the new staff. WE MUST HAVE DELETE FUNCTION!!! If PODIO had GROUPS function as Google Apps, we could just assign tasks to groups and when new staff arrived, we could add the staff to the group and all done. Podio does not have this, and we therefore have to pass old accounts to new staff and all chat messages that are private are visible to new staff!!! We are not ready to manually go in and set up everything manually. PODIO, please add DELETE or introduce GROUPS. ONE OR THE OTHER

Peter Kovac 2 votes

Quick follow-up on this. I was just working quickly, took a screenshot of my calendar to show my VA what she did wrong and sent it to her. Welp, I didn't close my personal calendar and now she can see a lot of stuff she shouldn't be able to. Now I can't get it back. She can download that and do whatever with it. So not only do I have to look at conversations with people I fired a year ago, I have to worry about this. Thanks, Podio.

Literally the second another platform (and I check them all out when I find them, so don't get too comfortable) comes along that does everything I want to do PLUS this, I'll be so done with you guys precisely because of the way you so aggressively ignore this issue.

I had the opportunity to recommend this platform to a client last week, and I DID NOT.


Erin Martell 3 votes

This apply to chats too. Admin shall be able to delete comments.

Understood why Podio is not implementing that basic feature: they charge for it on the top of our yearly enterprise fee (see evidence enclosed). Not exactly good commercial behaviour. Admin shall be allowed to delete comments. 

On Thu, 1 Jun 2017 at 18:16, Brenton (Podio Support) <> wrote: 

Brenton (Podio Support)

Jun 1, 12:16 EDT

Hi Sure, I can assist you with that. It is possible to recover deleted content. The cost is $100.00 USD and the recovery will be provided as an excel spreadsheet that can then be imported into the app. If you are okay with this, please provide me with the the date and time (if possible) the three items was deleted. If you can provide us with the URL for the workspace and app and any identifiable information regarding the deleted item, that will be extremely helpful.Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Best, Brenton

Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez 1 vote

This is ridiculous.  It looks like people have been very upset about this for 3.5 to 4 years.  I just upgraded to paid.  We are a smaller growing company with lots of people I will be adding in, and some people that just don't work out.  

Obviously you can't bring messages back.  But you can delete messages on your end from every text, messaging or email service there is. 


I have removed people from the organization that are no longer here, but they are still listed with their chat history in my system.  This is not at all acceptable.  

Jared Willis 2 votes