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A new app block for a Header

I'd love to see a new field in the app builder, for a line of text. Not really something that requires input, just a way to act as a line-break or remind people what they should be focusing on for the next few fields. Such as the following (the mentioned Text Field is in Bold).


Name __________

Phone Number ___________

Now, we're going to start asking some questions about your company.  [Notice how there isn't anything for the customer/workspace member to enter here, it just guides the flow]

Business Type:

[ ] Corporation

[ ] Partnership 

[ ] Sole Proprietor

In what year did you start operations? _______


Now we're going to ask some questions about your ideal customer experience.

I believe my accountant should contact me:

[ ] Once a day

[ ] Once a week

[ ] Once a month

[ ] I never need contacting. It's always bad news!

When my accountant contacts me, I prefer:

[ ] A phone call

[ ] A tweet

[ ] A text message

[ ] An email

[ ] A scheduled face-to-face


This field would work well for the forms feature, but also for the app. It's a way of grouping common fields together under one subheading, and guiding the others that interact in my organization through the fields (in a more overarching way than the pop-up description would for each individual box. It also gives me a little bit more control over the design. 



Barrett Young

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Hey guys,

Have you tried using the category field as a work-around for the header? If you use the category field with the "inline" field settings you should be able to create your header in the app :)

Let me know how it goes?

Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen -1 votes
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I think this is a basic feature really easy to implement. Shouldn't be a problem for developpers :)

Enrique Errando 0 votes
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Hi Barrett,

Thank you for posting here in the community forum. This is an excellent idea, please let me enter this as a feature request for future consideration.

Let us know if you need anything further!



Dana /Podio

Dana P 0 votes
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