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Schedule Overview

For keeping an overview about activities an altered version of the calendar would be much appreciated, providing a simple timesheet overview about the projects, events etc.

The attached doc is very familiar. It should be easy to change views, for example:

  • change time span: day, week, month, year, much as anybody is used from other calendars
  • custom color projects on the spot and when submitting them into the actual project app
  • show preparation or execution times only
  • hide / show achievables 
  • ...

The fields should be clickable to get direct access who owns the achievable and what it is related to. Moreover, the filter option to show only certain types of achievables etc would add a lot.

The feature could be implemented based on the time-items in the apps and be placed into the report feature or general calendar feature.

Any suggested work around for the time being is much appreciated. Thanks!

Tillmann Heidelk

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