Predictive or auto dialing



  • Arta Mandegari

    Hi William! 


    We're in the process of evaluating (and hopefully implement) predictive or auto dialier. 

    Have you got any response on this? I would appreciate all input that is of use ofr this kind of implementation. 


    Was it possible? Which dialer? etc etc. 

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  • Jeff Hartup

    I would love to see this functionality as well. I love Skype Podio and would love it if I could have one click dialing/

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  • Grant Kirby

    Has there been any progress on this because it would be very useful. I just went looking for how to do it and saw that you are evaluating doing it. thank you

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  • David Leoncavallo

    I am looking for the same thing. Especially one that can drop voicemails as well. Like mojosells or but embedded in podio.


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  • Rahul williams

    is there any progress on this . I really need this feature

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  • Yusuf Mohammed

    After mashing up my brain all day about this...I have a satisfactory solution:

    1. grab a "Calculation" field
    2. you will make a reference to your "Phone" field so the "Calculation" formula looks like this: "<a href=tel://"+Phone+">Dial</a>"

    yes, keep the quotes. chrome asks what app you'd like to use to launch that link (hint: select Skype). also, be sure to remove any characters(dashes, dots, etc) from the "Phone" field to avoid invalidating that concoction of an anchor tag.

    hope this helps

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  • Christian Augustine

    Guys, I am glad I stumbled across this thread! I am close to providing a solution to your request.

    I have been (for the past 8 months) developing a chrome plugin dialing App which integrate into Podio. Hopefully will be integrated into Podio in future.

    The following are some of the features that is currently being implemented

    1. Click-to-Call (Manual call) from Podio. All phone numbers automatically becomes a clickable link which when clicked on places a call to the DID and a screen pops with the related record

    2. Manual Calls

    3. Predictive Calls.

    4. Auto Push CDR records on the fly to Podio as soon a calls are disposition.

    5. CDR records plus voice recording on Podio mapped to the related customer record.

    For more information buzz me at "crm.dialler" at gmail dot com

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  • Brad France

    Here we are into the 2016 selling season, and I was curious if Podio has the App created for auto dialing yet? 

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