Please add an organization's icon/logo next to the workspace name in the top menu.



  • Good feedback Brett, I see what you mean :)

    Will make sure  to forward your input!

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Andrew

    I couldn't agree more. Podio is heroically difficult to navigate or use effectively. The lack of a human-centred interface is a deal breaker for us.

    There are an number of online apps/services like Podio that seem to be at a similar stage in their design maturity. Basically, the sector as a whole seems to be where Ford was at the beginning of the car industry — the customer gets as much as the developer deems they need or deserve. Customer desires are alternately portrayed as 'unnecessary' or 'mistaken' — subsumed to the pursuit of the developer's 'higher goal' of achieving some software engineering ideal.

    Maybe in four or five years things will have changed. One can dream. Unfortunately, as things stand I'm going to have to delete my account.

    Good luck with the development. A.

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  • Jens Greiner

    How about this feature request? Any progress?

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