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  • Gustav Jonsson

    Good idea Mike, I like it. 

    The problem(s) I can see is that Podio could look a bit strange if we let anyone add their own images as icons (could disturb the overall user experience and design). 

    /Gustav - Podio

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  • Aleksandrs

    Gustav, do you think you could add one simple icon to the Podio list (keeping the overall look and feel of course)?

    I am specifically looking for a fish image.

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  • Victor Babani

    please add more types of icons

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  • Luis Frias


    Hi Gustav,

    I was going to make the same suggestion Mike Bullen did but being an Identity and Interface Designer myself I also understand your concern and perspective about coherency in PODIO design.
    I would suggest that in the collaborative spirit of PODIO you could open a page for suggestions that could be ranked and that way you are able to implement them according to your design specifics and available resources customizing and augmenting the library of icons to choose from.
    Being a Portuguese I couldn't agree more with Aleksndrs's suggestion for the next 1st icon to be a FISH! :D

    Keep the good work!

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  • Nick Rondle

    I second this: I it would be nice to include custom icons in the podio style, ie: the same grey silhouette

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  • Casey Bearsch

    Using standard guidelines would remove this problem, standard pixel dimensions and they would all have to be b/w rendering white over blue-ish could this be allowed?

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