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Possibility to distribute iOS development App's


we're an app development company and often we will send test builds to our customers. We do this through email, testflightapp or . 

However, it is the plan to involve all our customers with Podio and thus it would be natural to distribute our test build through here. We already distribute android builds through podio, which is nice and is going to be so for our customers when they start with Podio.

However, distributing iOS test app require somewhat more or less web code (described in this link ). Instead of creating this at our own webpage or creating an app, I think this would suit Podio well.

  1. We're not web developer, you are. 
  2. This is a nice feature for other Podio users.
  3. The code required is small.

Hope that this is something you will consider

Regards, Morten

Morten Friesgaard Christensen

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