App reference fields that limit results based on a status within "category " field



  • Gustav Jonsson

    Hey David, thanks for the use case, helps a lot in understanding why you need this. 

    We have this on our lists and I'll add your feedback to it. 

    /Gustav - Podio

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  • Ben Rubinstein

    Another use case - the Vacancies/Candidates app pair in the App Market are linked.  You can create a web form for Candidates so that applicants can directly enter their applications.  One of the fields on this is a drop down for the vacancy that they're applying for.  The Vacancies app has status open, interview, filled. On first setting up, this looks great.  But it quickly becomes obvious that we either couldn't use the direct web form feature, or couldn't use the features of the Vacancies app which are designed to be useful after it has been filled.  Either we delete each item from the Vacancies app as it's filled; or the drop-down on the web form gradually fills up with a list of all the vacancies that we've ever had, making the web form unusable.


    In this instance, as with David's above, a filter limiting new entries by a particular value of a category field would do the job.

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  • Elahn Zetlin

    Sounds similar to having an app showing total amount being earned on open projects only, rather than total amount being earned on all projects open or completed.

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